2015 Training Camp - Encinitas, CA

After a winter trip to Austin kicked off an amazing 2014, we were eager to once again escape the brutal Boston winter and kick off the 2015 season with the same shenanigans, miles, and sun-soaking of last year.  This time around, however, we decided to move from the windswept ranches of Austin, Texas to the sunny beaches and mountains of San Diego, California.  

 Ride along the beachChef Kyle

With the Pacific only a few miles from the house, and endless inland routes through canyons and up mountains, we had all the ingredients for an epic trip.  A few of us arrived on Friday, taking full advantage of the extra space in the house before the rest of the team showed up later in the week.  This gave us a chance to do some light food shopping, introduce ourselves to the locals, and of course, make a day trip to the top of Palomar Mountain.

Base of PalomarForcing smiles at the top of Palomar

While the truly devoted rode for hundreds of miles from Friday through Tuesday, the camp really kicked off on Wednesday, when the reinforcements showed up.  With the majority of the team now stationed at the house in Encinitas, spread across 5 real beds and 5 air mattresses, we were ready to tear each other’s legs off and eat tacos. Each morning, the team prepared countless PB+Js, liberally applied sunblock to our ivory white limbs (except for Sam, who is somehow always tan) and loaded the follow car with bananas, tubes, tools, and water before rolling out for a long day in the sunshine.

The remaining days of the week included a “recovery” day, where we made promises to go “easy,” and then subsequently broke those promises (thanks, Cole); a team attack (or in some cases, re-attack) of Palomar Mountain, where our skinny riders showed us how to climb, and our not-so-skinny riders showed us how to descend; Sam casually winning the sprint of the fierce Swami Ride; and a day of drills on the perpetually sunny and beautiful Fiesta Island.  

Despite riding hundreds of miles, we made sure to ride along the beach, and enjoy the local food establishments.  We even made friends with a few riders on Ride-with-Rendall, ran into the famous Amy Cutler, and reunited with old Green Line Velo member Mike Farrar.

Post ride consisted of Strava uploads, armchair quarterbacking, and bike washing.  We gorged ourselves on thousands upon thousands of calories to ensure we undid any hard work we did that day, because that’s the real reason any of us ride this much, be honest.

Our last night we visited the Encinitas Bier Garden, where the team had one last dinner together, ate as much fried food as we could, and, of course, sampled many of the local microbrews.  We then packed up the house and, with an aching heart, left the sunny skies of San Diego to return to the ice world of Boston.  With race season only a few short weeks away, we’re looking forward to the return of warm weather to New England and the chance to race with all of you again.  

We even got a care package from our amazing friends at Pedro’s!Dinner

See you all out there.

Click here for more #GLVCamp2015 photos from resident photog, Sam Rosenholtz!


By The Numbers
Riders: 14
Total distance: 5,402 mi
Avg daily: 84 mi
Total ft ascended: 373,110 ft
Avg ascent: 5,830 ft
Total PB&Js: Infinity.  Infinity sandwiches.
Total flat tires: > 20 (we stopped counting)
Total movies: Who cares, we watched Ghostbusters.
Average rating of said movies: C- (Except Ghostbusters, which gets an A+)