5 things I love about my Amira, "Swaentje":

Amira 2Amira 2

1. It's matte black, with some shiny black details
2. Light and responsive.
3. The Specialized Power saddle fits very well. I rode the bike the first time at our Cali training camp. I had intended to bring my current saddle (a Specialized Oura) just in case, but forgot. Luckily I had no adaptation issues during 10 days of long rides.
4. The Specialized Women's SL bars are great, comfortable in the drops and the flatter tops are nice for cruising and taking in the scenery (or the suffering while climbing). I also hadn't anticipated that carbon bars would make a difference, but descending Palomar for the 2nd time I realized they really do dampen road vibrations much better than aluminum bars.
5. Did I mention it's matte black?

The bike was built using Specialized's S-build program.