Bike Maintenance with GLV & Zipcar

Learn basic bike maintenance tips from the experts to improve the longevity of your bicycle and it’s parts. Natasja Brooijmans and Daniel Fitzgibbons of Green Line Velo driven by Zipcar, sit down to discuss easy bike maintenance tips to keep it clean and functioning properly.

To start your bicycle maintenance, focus on tire pressure. The side of your tire should have a range of recommended pressures. If you go for firmer pressure the tire will roll along a bit more efficiently and be more resistant to punctures from hitting potholes or curbs. Lower tire pressure gives a little more grip for a more comfortable ride. Washing your bike will make it last as long as possible. Clean your bike with a towel, soapy water, or a bike wash spray to remove build-up. Make sure to thoroughly dry the chain after washing, then put on a fresh coat of lubricant.