Dan FitzGibbons

Daniel FitzGibbons

Road Category: 3
CX Category: 3
Years Racing: 1-3
Strengths: Still trying to figure this out on the road... I'm decent at lots of things but not great at any one aspect. On the cross bike I'm better in the technical/turny stuff.
Bio: From Syracuse, NY originally (go Orange!), I work as a bike fitter at Landry's Bicycles (also how I got involved with Green Line Velo), and outside of cycling related things, my social media is filled mostly with pictures of my cat, Otto.
Favorite Race: GP Gloucester (Cyclocross)
Favorite GLV Moment: Green Mountain Stage Race in 2012 was my favorite GLV experience... we rented a cabin in Vermont and raced four straight days, all the while getting to spend time with my teammates and getting to know them better.
Specialized Bikes: Specialized Allez on the road, Specialized Crux for cyclocross
Favorite Pedro's Product: Maybe not the most exciting, but my 4/5/6mm three way wrench has served me well for 5 years and counting, and I use it all day, every day at work and at home.
Favorite Craft Product: Winter jacket, hands down... couldn't have made it through this winter without it.