Get Race Fit for Purgatory Road Race with this ATP Race Consulting Workout

The Purgatory Road Race is one of the most demanding courses you could ask for: blazing fast flats, steep climbs and technical descents don't let you relax for very long. Your fitness and focus need to be top notch the day of the race if you want to succeed. The following workout will help you get your legs ready for pain the course dishes out. Do this race-specific workout once a week leading up to the race and you'll be playing the role of the hammer on race day, not the role of the nail. Add in a little luck and you'll be taking home the Massachusetts Championship jersey in the process!

The workout:
The body of the workout is 28 minutes, the approximate time of each lap. String multiple “laps” together for a real feel of the race. The workout starts at the finish line instead of the neutral start.

  • Warm up well.
  • 2 min Zone 5 (VO2Max).
  • 1 min high rpm-low effort (110+rpm), 1 min Z5, 1 min high rpm-low effort, 2 min Z5 - the descent from the finish to the top of the feed zone climb.
  • 3 min Z4 across the rollers.
  • 3 min high rpm-low effort on the big descent on Menden.
  • 7 min Z3 (Tempo) with 10 sec bursts of power every minute across the bottom of the course.
  • 3 min Z5 (unless this is your last lap, then Z6(anaerobic capacity)).
  • 1.5 min high rpm-low effort.
  • 3.5 min Z5 (unless this is your last lap, then FULL GAS with 15 sec sprint at the end).
  • Repeat if you’re doing another lap, cool down if you’re done.

Here are the zones that I use (Coggan Power Zones). If you test differently, feel free to substitute your zones into the workout.

Z1 - Recovery
Z2 - Endurance
Z3 - Tempo
Z4 - Threshold
Z5 - VO2Max
Z6 - Anaerobic Capacity
Z7 - Neuromuscular Power

Johnny Harris at Purgatory