Race Report: Mayor’s Cup - viewpoints from Gina and Tonia

It’s almost CX season and we are lined up at the start for Mayor’s Cup.  As a team, we did our homework, thinking of the teams and individuals that may pose a threat during our race.  B2C2 is on the line with a number of ladies (including Faccone, riding in a PedalPower kit).  Richard Fries gives us a shout-out, to which a B2C2 rider gives him the thumbs down.  Nothing motivates us more than seeing someone not appreciate our team.  The whistle blows and the heat is on. 

The first lap jitters set in and all I wanted to do was get to the front.  Lap 2, a crash, thankfully behind me and most of the GLV team.  The pace picks up, and Natasja slides into riding 5th wheel or so, which seems to be her favorite spot.  Corey, Tonia and I hang not too far behind, with Julie right behind us.  We all watch the riders around us, we can see who’s playing aggressive and who is sitting back. 

Natasja and Tonia

On Lap 9 or so, a prime - Tonia is all over this.

Tonia: “I made a move to better position myself and get a better chance at the money but was followed closely by the rest of the field. Not being a sprinter, after coming out of the third corner, it was clear that I was not going to get it. But I was happy to have put in the effort as I was finally feeling good about my legs, well warmed up and ready to do whatever it took to make it a GLV race.”

Lap 13. another prime!  I sit next to Corey with Tonia, Senta, and Lydia slightly ahead of us. Tonia makes a break before the 2nd to last turn.  I look at Corey and ask “let them go?”, she says, “yup”.  Tonia takes the prime and rides on.

Tonia: “It felt good to win that 2nd prime and Senta, Lydia and I had a slight gap on the field. I did the math in my head and although 12 laps was still a long way to go, with B2C2 and GLV blocking behind for Lydia and myself and Senta’s power, this breakaway had a chance. I picked up the pace and tried to talk to Senta and Lydia to work together. The pace line wasn’t fast enough and after a lap or so, it was clear that Lydia was struggling. I picked up the speed on the climb and was surprised not to see Senta come with me. I waited for a bit on the top flat section and the downhill and as I found myself alone after the third downhill corner, decided to go for it and see how long I could maintain the gap. Getting the prime at lap 13 made it feel worth the effort but I knew that it was going to be hard to hold on until the end as the gap was small enough that I could still see the field behind me.”

Tonia Breakaway

As soon as Lydia fell off the break, B2C2 came to the front to try to close the gap. We were able to block, but the break stayed tentative. For 7 or so laps, we were able to disrupt the chase enough in order for the field to not get closer to Tonia. But, we weren’t able to slow it down enough and the gap stayed steady around 10 seconds. Coming into the final turn before the last lap, Paige and Senta make a move to bridge to Tonia.  Paige goes first and I jump with her and hang on her wheel, then Senta goes, so I go with her - Cody Harris in tow.  No one is going to make it to Tonia without me.  We cross the start/finish and are on the final lap.  Tonia has a Riverside rider with her going into the first turn on the final lap and Senta has just about bridged to Tonia.  I knew I needed to get by Tonia and push through before we were a group of five going into the finish.  I yell to Tonia that I’m going inside on turn one, rail the corner and sprint to the top of the hill.  I don’t have the legs that Tonia has, but I knew that if I could create a gap with some blocking help from Tonia, and get to the second to last corner, it was all downhill from there.  I got to the corner with Cody Harris on the chase. I pushed a big gear, took the last turn at speed and got out of my saddle early to hold my gap.  I put my head down, knowing Cody has the power to close the gap and held her off through the finish. No post up.  Sorry, guys.  I didn’t want to be that guy in the Masters race with my arms up before crossing the finish line...because that ended poorly for him.

Mayor's Cup Women's Finish

This was such a great team win and probably the best way for our team to end the road season.  We want to thank our sponsors and all who support us.  We  look forward to next year and building our elite team!  Both Tonia and myself have upgraded to Cat 2 and are ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

GLV Women's team

GLV Women's team