UVM Green Mountain Weekend P/1/2

The UVM Campus Criterium has, by my count, eight corners. It winds through campus and is a very fun course. And is a whopping 850 meters long. One of these corners is a u-turn with a decreasing radius exit that I sat by and watched racers clip pedals on ALL morning. A lead moto dumped it here just prior to my race, so...party on.

On the start line I am a one man wolfpack, all alone. Surrounding me are five Dealer.com riders and three ENGVT riders. With fourteen people in the race I have a pretty good idea of how it is going to be—difficult. From the gun people are attacking and trying to create gaps. The pace is high until everyone except six of us have been pulled and placed. Two of the six are dealer guys, one of whom is Bobby Bailey who will likely eat me like a Clif Shot if it comes down to a sprint. People (myself included) are trying to attack and make Dealer work, but they are marking (all four) of us pretty well. Most people are doing their fair share of work, but coming into the closing laps Dealer is sitting on and trying to open gaps which we're forced into closing. Fair enough.

With four or five laps to go, the ENGVT rider clips a pedal in the u-turn and goes down right in front of me. Then there were five. At this point Stephen from Dealer is doing almost all the work setting up Bobby to blow our doors off in the sprint. Coming into two to go, he has taken a pretty hard lap long pull. I am sitting second or third wheel feeling decent, but know I will 110% lose the sprint to Bobby. Stephen stays on the front through the next lap at cruising speed. Coming into the last turn about to see one to go, I swing out wide and attack through the corner.

About three hundred meters later I've pretty much exploded my legs and lungs and that, "oh god what have I done" feeling is rising within me. Exiting the u-turn at roughly zero miles per hour, I see the group coming up, four of Dealer’s baller neon orange booties sticking out against my darkening field of vision. Then I crossed the line with the worst cotton mouth of my life and won the bike race.