Witches' Cup M3/4

If you weren't there, you are probably wondering why all my electronics are broken. Well. It wasn't raining when we started the race so all my bags were out in the open. However by the end of the race it was the heaviest rain I have ever been in. There was an actual cyclone in the third turn, as the drain failed miserably in its attempt to get rid of a foot of rushing water.

We took warm-up laps on a relatively dry course. As we lined up it started to fall. I was staged right next to Alex Meier and my teammate Dan FitzGibbons. Alex and I had this same weird awkward smirk on our faces. Something about riding in the rain. I like it. I do it well. Dan didn't seem to care about it either. Maybe it's a cyclocross thing? Maybe it's a motorcycle thing? Who knows, but I knew that was an edge we had on the field.

The plan was simple. We had a lot of guys. Guys I've never been more proud of. Lining up selflessly, in these miserable and dangerous conditions, to help me cross the line first. We would attack all day. We had the numbers. We had serious power to roll a strong move. We had it all.

Dan attacked from the gun. The rain was falling hard. It's always safer when it's strung out. It was a good move. I slotted in a few wheels behind him. We went into turn three for the first time in the wet. Too fast I thought, game over. No other choice but to lean it over, hang on, and hope to make it out the other side. I used all of the road. My tires squirmed, but held. I hear scraping metal and carbon behind me. First crash, hope my guys aren't in it.

Over the next couple laps I chill out as the team goes to work ahead of me. Attacking, covering, things are going to plan. As people learn the course in the wet it's getting safer and safer every lap. A few more laps in and there is a crash at the exit of turn 4. I narrowly avoided it. But all was good.

This made me realize I was probably riding too far back and I started working through the group towards the front. As I go forward I realize gaps are everywhere and I just hop one to another. When I get closer I see my teammate Adam Bernstein putting some work in on the front and I realize he's making all the gaps out there. This is our chance to get multiple teammates in a break, Adam is making it happen.

witches cup 4 man break

Photo credit: Katie Busick

I get to the front and lay down a hard lap, finishing off Adams move and establishing a break of 4: 2 GLV, Alex Meier of Pedal Power, and a Blue Hills rider. It takes a lap or two to get the coordination down, but we get a real strong rotation and go to work. A prime bell rings and the Blue Hills rider attacks and wins.  He may have regretted this effort because soon after he was no longer in the break. I was still confident that the break would stick with just 3, but next thing I know, Dan has bridged up!

We have 3 in a break of 4. All strong, all smart, we got this. The rain is crashing down, we pedal real hard between corners, relax and keep it smooth as we turn, then back on the gas. Honestly, it was easy. Laps are ticking down, then all of a sudden they drop from 13 laps to go to 3 laps to go. As much as I like him, we had to get rid of this Alex Meier character quick. Luckily, after failing to win with 3 teammates in a 10 person break at Concord just 4 days before, we talked at length about what we messed up and we were not going to do it again.

Dan attacked as we heard the bell. Alex had to chase. He did and caught Dan before the last corner, towing me around the whole time. Alex opened up his sprint and I came around for the win. Dan took third and Adam fourth. It was a work of art. This team...this team. Always learning, always getting faster, always doing better.