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UNH P/1/2/3 Crit.

05/10/12One of these things just doesn't belong.   Timely race reports are not my thing. In some ways I think it's better that I don't immediately recall the race in writing because it would probably read something like: "OMG AND THEN I ATTACKED AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVAR BLAHHHHH!!!!" Though, to be honest, this is one race report that will most...

Bethel Spring Series

05/10/12 WHO:

I felt like this was my first race ever. I was so excited, I couldn't sleep the...

12 Hours of Great Glen

08/16/11This is a long report, but if you think of it as word count per hour of racing, its actually somewhat concise? Maybe?

So rarely has an event that could be called a "comedy of errors" ended so well.

Wayne Elliot Memorial Race - 2/3 Report



We had 7 laps, I think, which was fine because of only ~250ft. of climbing per lap. The pack got very big from day-of reg, so we toed the line with about 80 guys, maybe more. From the gun, it was very unstable, lots of braking, lots of bad bike handling and a crash on some of the worst roads we saw all day. All our guys...

Our First Group Ride was a Success!!





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