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Walburg Classic Cat 2


As the 60th inch of this winter’s snow fell on Boston, eight GLV teammates were happily encamped in Austin, Texas for a week of training and racing. After a week of riding that included multiple 100+ mile days, we dragged our tired bodies to an early season staple of Texas bike racing, the Walburg Classic Road Race.

While narrow lanes,...

Grant's Tomb


I couldn't be happier to open my season for Green Line Velo with my first win for the team and the team's first win of the season. As many of you know, last season was a season of recovery for me after knee surgery in April, and I'm glad to say it -- I'm back.

Dominic Caiazzo and I made the trip down to New York, leaving just as a...

UNH P/1/2/3 Crit.

05/10/12One of these things just doesn't belong.   Timely race reports are not my thing. In some ways I think it's better that I don't immediately recall the race in writing because it would probably read something like: "OMG AND THEN I ATTACKED AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVAR BLAHHHHH!!!!" Though, to be honest, this is one race report that will most...

Bethel Spring Series

05/10/12 WHO:

I felt like this was my first race ever. I was so excited, I couldn't sleep the...

12 Hours of Great Glen

08/16/11This is a long report, but if you think of it as word count per hour of racing, its actually somewhat concise? Maybe?

So rarely has an event that could be called a "comedy of errors" ended so well.


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