Race Report

Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial 1/2/3


This weekend marked my 9th race of the year already, and it was still March. Someone tell me I'm not a collegiate bike racer anymore. Because of pending bad weather in Rhode Island, and my desire to do better at longer road races this year, I decided to make the drive up to Coxsackie NY again for the third weekend in a row. The night before was occupied by the B2C2 Bike Swap, which as usual, results in lots of beer drinking, eating of delicious baked confections, and a less than ideal amount of sleep. For those who don't know my #fatkid chronicles, I have very little self-control.

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Grant's Tomb P/1/2/3


As online registration for the Men’s Elite Race at Grant’s Tomb filled up with big teams and big names, my hopes for a high finish faded. The New York Elite teams were coming in force, our local friends at CCB were bringing strong guys, and QCW was coming up from Philly with a veritable army. Early season races are a roll of the dice.  You never know how your fitness stacks up before you get a number pinned on, and despite having some good results thus far this season, I knew that there would be plenty of competition to test our team.

Ronde de Bethel 3/4


By: Dominic Caiazzo

I was terribly excited for this race from the moment I decided to do it about 40 hours earlier. Cold be damned, predictions of snow be damned. The idea of getting the first race out of the way before chasing the collegiate dream in a week was tempting and I wanted to know where my fitness was.

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Ronde de Bethel P/1/2/3


"OK. So. It's going to be really nervous. We have to be patient and sit in for the first half of the race!" was my advice to my teammates. Having won here 8 times, if there is a race I fancy myself an expert, it's Bethel. The goal for this race, and for all the races for the time being, was to work on racing well together so that we can execute when the bigger races come around.

Walburg Classic Cat 2


As the 60th inch of this winter’s snow fell on Boston, eight GLV teammates were happily encamped in Austin, Texas for a week of training and racing. After a week of riding that included multiple 100+ mile days, we dragged our tired bodies to an early season staple of Texas bike racing, the Walburg Classic Road Race.

Grant's Tomb


I couldn't be happier to open my season for Green Line Velo with my first win for the team and the team's first win of the season. As many of you know, last season was a season of recovery for me after knee surgery in April, and I'm glad to say it -- I'm back.

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UNH P/1/2/3 Crit.


One of these things just doesn't belong.


12 Hours of Great Glen

This is a long report, but if you think of it as word count per hour of racing, its actually somewhat concise?


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